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Flex Widget 1.0 for WindowsXP – English version

While surrounding by fresh bottle of coke and the keyboard of my laptop I got a really excited idea, why I didn’t have this idea before?
So, I’ve created a mash up, shell scriping, for Windows users to get the best of Windows Shell for Windows Explorer and combining with the power of Flex SDK distributed by Adobe. The Challenge it was for create such thing tool for Windows Shell, because I’ve never created things likt that before, due to I did some shell script for a long time ago and as the rules says, if you not getting pratices you will forget how to do it, it’s like math, anyway I researched a lot to create and it was not so easy to do it. Than you will test and tell me what you digg it, about this little usefull tool for Flex Developers, that want to queck create Flex Application in Windows Platform as easy as possible.

I’ve created a little FAQ to you undrestand what excatly Flex Widget is.

What is Flex Widget?
It’s a mush up shell windows script that automatize and associate your .mxml files to Flash Develop and compile with some arguments to the Flex 2 SDK free from Adobe. Simple and easy way to open, edit, compile without using Flex Builder to do that.

How can I do it?
Simple, just browser your file when you open some folder or just in case your windows explorer than, right-click on your .mxml Application, remember that’s focus on .mxml Application and you will see a menu like picture bellow, after that select what options you want to do it.
Screenshot sample of Flex Widget in action.

See it in action

Requer o Flash Player

Where to download it?
Clicking here, you will download the Flex Widget version 1.0 and if you want to create such other things you can also download the source code.

Download temporaly not avaible
I found a little bug I will fix it soon as possible.

I don’t want to download I want to make my own, how to ?
Simple, if you don’t want to use my pre-configured solution, you can create your own at your own risk, I’m not responsible for any data losses, data corruption or any kind of error.

So, here we go.

1. Click start Button of your taks bar
2. Click on RUN button
3. Type regedit, press ENTER.
4. Choose the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, right-click and add new Key
5. Write .mxml end press ENTER.
6. Selected .mxml file extention just go to right side and click twice at the key registred class type of REG_SZ and write the associative program “flex.2.widget”
7. Now click again at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and add new Key value and write the flex.2.widget
8. Inside the key created flex.2.widget, right-click and than add new Key value and name it as shell
9. Inside the shell sub key add new one and name it as you wish for example “Compile now” without curlybraces.
10. with shell key selected add a new key called command, inside the command with right side double-click to edit the REG_SZ value and write the location of your Flex 2 SDK folder where the mxmlc.exe compiler are located. Or for example here in my computer I have this > “c:flex_sdkbinmxmlc.exe” “%1” without curlybraces, than the %1 attribute it’s to set variable of Windows to selected file passed to the mxmlc.exe compiler as a target.
11. Press F5 to refresh your regedit and try it.

What was used to do this widget?
I used the NSIS scripting language to create the installation under Eclipse Platform
I used some Shells scripting workaround to the magic happens
I used the arguments that is passed from Adobe Flex 2 SDK incluing ( fdb.exe, mxmlc.exe )
I used the FlashDevelop to associate the files .mxml to be opened and edited, you have to use flashdevelop for this widget.

What’s the license usage of this?
Completly freeware you don’t have to pay for it, since I used Adobe software (Flex 2 SDK ). I just publish this work under GPL. Just to not forgetable the author.

Bugs? new ideas?
Just drop me an e-mail to igorcostaATigorcostaDOTcom

Para brasileiros ainda vou fazer uma versão em português quando estiver de férias no final do ano.

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  2. Mike I had found some problems with the NSIS script install, I’m in process to fix it. I’ve also did I work arround to the solution, basics but could helps.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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