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Granite Data Services 0.3 lançado

Franck Wolff enviou-me um email para alertar que o Granite Data Services 0.3 está liberado para download com muitos bugs corrigidos, e uma coisa bem interessante é que o Granite DS 0.3 está com a documentação bem completa.

O que há de novo?

* SecurityService: this feature adds support for setCredentials, setRemoteCredentials and logout methods of RemoteObject. There is only a Tomcat based implementation at this time (JBoss+Tomcat is working).
* New Gas3 Implementation: the new ActionScript3 code generator brings support for @Embeddable objects (both for @Embedded and @EmbeddedId references), @IdClass entities with multiple @Id primary keys, and interfaces (only getters/setters are generated). There is also a new classpath node and a new Java2as3class attribute (Ant usage) that helps you adding custom types support.
* Improved Externalizer Performances: the overall performances of externalizer have been significantly improved.
* Pluggable Converter: you can now plugin a custom converter to add support for custom types (such as Joda time).
* Logging Infos: GDS 0.3.0 adds many debugging infos that weren’t available in 0.2.0 release (configurable via log4j.xml).
* Pojo Eclipse Demo Project works with Tomcat: there is actually a “dual build” option (Tomcat or JBoss, Tomcat is the default).
* Flex 2.0.1 SDK hotfix1, 2 and 3 support: those new versions of the free SDK are fully supported (Flex 3 betas not tested).
* JBoss 4.2.+ support: those new versions of JBoss are fully supported (EJB3 demo).
* Others: many others improvements such as ServiceInvocationListener support, DTD for granite-config.xml, annotedwith attribute for externalizer configuration, code redundancy elimination, etc.

Bugs corrigidos

* (GDS-10 and 13) ErrorMessage now contains the proper correlationId (errors are handled properly on Flex side).
* (GDS-12) Issues with the previous MethodMatcher has been resolved (in general and in particular with arrays to lists conversions).
* (GDS-17) Removed “double-check locking” synchronization in many places.
* (GDS-19) HibernatePersistentSet now implements IHibernatePersistentCollection (isInitialized() method is implemented).
* (GDS-20) ByteArray deserialization is fully working.
* (GDS-21) HibernateExternalizer’s readExternal method handles correctly HibernateProxy instances.
* (GDS-22) “source” attribute for Pojo services is now trimed.
* (GDS-27) Simple ArrayCollections are no longer deserialized to UIDSets on Flex side.
* Many other not listed.

Visite o site do Granite DS e saiba mais.